Win Champions League tickets 18

The UEFA Champions League otherwise known as just the Champions League is an annual continental football club competition which is put together by the Union of European Football Association (UEFA). It is one of the most distinguished contests in the world of football and it is the most popular club competitions in European Football, played…

Cooperative learning - How to start taking notes!

Cooperative learning – How to start taking notes!

This article today is the result of an experiment or experience that have taken the classroom and that has to do with taking notes. I must confess that I have carried out the process of taking notes on my subject on rare occasions throughout my teaching career. That is why I decided to start taking…


7 tips to stimulate multiple intelligences

Where leads the theory of multiple intelligences? How does it change the way we work in class, or the way we understand that students learn? According to Gardner, all human beings have all intelligences, but no two people with the same profiles of intelligence, even twins have the same pattern. Therefore, if we each have…


Educate an only child

More than half of families have only one child. While this situation has destroyed many topics that have accompanied the only son for generations, growing up the center of all the attentions brand development and education of the child. From her parents it depends on the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.


10 Strategies to motivate your students

The teacher who tries to teach without inspiring the students desire to learn is trying to forge cold iron. It is certainly very logical that the foundation of learning are the desire to learn new things. And, at times, be able to motivate younger must involve rethinking how to teach.


Controlling fear of children to an examination

For many children, the exams are just further evidence along the way, however, for others is a process of stress and anxiety that not only can paralyze them before the examination or under perform, but also sometimes affects them physical mode causing them headaches or tummy. Roughly between 15% and 25% of schoolchildren suffer high…


Benefits of Mindfulness in school

Increasingly used practice of mindfulness and meditation in schools in Western countries. And it is probably a necessity, especially stress that exists also in schools. Academic performance is above the emotional development. You are worth so much. And finally, they spend their days, months and school courses monotonically. And children exposed in the depression, unhappiness,…


Why children fail in school?

There is talk of school failure when a child does not achieve the expected level of performance for their age and level, and not the lack of intellectual capacity, which means that what fails really are educational models offered to children in schools.


How to teach children the water cycle

‘Mom, why water falls from the clouds?, This is a phrase that probably our children have made ​​us more than once. And possibly, after a brief explanation of rain, and the water cycle in general, little kids have wanted to know more and more. Although this type of knowledge the children acquire in school, are…