Technical Education

Master, the fast track to professional updating

7 out of 10 professionals believe their academic preparation necessary to continue to develop professionally, according to a survey in 2013. The main obstacles to starting a course, postgraduate diploma or are time and money, but the benefits make the effort are many: better pay, promotions and updates are some of them.


Mathematics strips “Cuisenaire”

The game of strips mathematics teaching is a classic with a huge educational value, which has helped many children over the years to learn some of the simplest mathematical operations very easily. That are? Its original name is “Cuisenaire rods”, a name taken from its creator Georges Cuisenaire, a Belgian primary school teacher. The game…

Diploma Education

What diploma must study according to your career?

If you’re looking to upgrade your skills or prepare for a senior position but do not want to make a big investment of time and money. You should study a Diploma…   Graduates are short studies with a duration of 100-120 hours. Usually they organized into modules that bring together content from one or more disciplines…

Early Education

Outdoor Activities with Children

The importance of Outdoor Activities with Children, but surely. One of the most important things for their physical and emotional development. Many of the things I learned in my training as a pediatrician have changed. But above all what has changed as a parent is more important or less. And that will evolve as the…


7 Myths Uncovered About Your Career Growth

All of us wish to have a rewarding and fulfilling career. However, like most things in life, career growth is never easy to achieve. One has to be dedicated and hardworking to achieve the best in your career. However, even though you may be trying your best, there are many myths that could be pulling…