Antonella Barba: American Idol Sensation


Antonella Barba: American Idol Sensation

Antonella Barba is currently a contestant found on the sixth season of American Idol. At the time of the writing of the post, she is within the best 16.

Barba is 20 years of age, was born about November 26, 1986 plus is from Point Pleasant, New Jersey. She is a 2004 graduate of Red Bank Catholic High School inside Red Bank, New Jersey where she had been a associate of the school concert choir along with a associate of the school’s doo-wop group.

In addition to singing, her alternative musical skills include playing the piano as well as the violin.

Before appearing about American Idol she had been a junior at the Catholic University of America inside Washington D.C studying architecture, yet has had to temporarily withdraw from school to be inside California for the show.

Like Clay Aiken’s fans throughout season 2 of American Idol whom called themselves the Claymates, Antonella’s fans have dubbed themselves the “Fantonellas.”

As she works every week, she will expect help plus votes from her other pupils at university that gather inside the college’s University Center to observe the live shows which feature her. Antonella also offers the unwavering help of her parents, 2 young sisters, plus young brother.

She hasn’t been without controversy though. First, throughout Hollywood week tempers flared between Barba plus friend Amanda Coluccio (they tried out together.) It began to look a little like the film “Mean Girls” because Amanda got sick of functioning about their group performance plus rather began dangling out with all the man contestants that lead to Barba getting angry plus suggesting a limited “less than complimentary” remarks which the cameras caught plus, naturally, showed about nationwide tv.

Then, many unflattering pictures of Barba surfaced found on the Internet plus were immediately the topic of conversation about sites, inside papers, found on the radio, plus about tv. The images which were of Antonella were private images taken whenever she was with neighbors at parties. The x-rated ones were later discovered to be fakes. There has been speculation which an ex-boyfriend initially posted the pic.
The American Idol manufacturers officially reported they wouldn’t disqualify Antonella within the competition as well as the judges came out inside her protection, many notably Simon Cowell that mentioned the pictures were her private company plus which folks must leave her alone.

Although Antonella has been singing because she was inside 6th level plus did perfectly throughout her auditions for American Idol, her 2 performances found on the show thus far have been weak. She has accepted to being truly nervous plus should receive those nerves beneath control when she would like to continue found on the show.

She can be avoiding removal with a prevalent website which encourages voters to cast their votes for the contestant they think is the worst 1 inside an effort to sabotage the result of the show. Currently, Antonella is their choice.

Her existence has absolutely changed because she became an American Idol contestant. Last summer she was like any different university student about summer break – functioning a summer job plus dangling out with neighbors plus family. Then she claims items are “totally surreal…..I was house for a couple of days (a some weeks ago) plus I took my sisters out to lunch….and there were individuals asking for my autograph.”

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