Can we ever really have a genuine companionship with the ex?


Question by Tom: My exgirlfriend (for a year along with a half) keeps suggesting which it’s these a shame which I don’t take an interest inside her existence etc. However I find it thus difficult though considering there is merely no want there. It’s a section inside my existence plus it’s shut, I’ve moved about. I don’t see the way you may have a close companionship with an ex without digging up experiences frome the past. Please tell me when I’m incorrect here.

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Answer by I Love Oreos
that’s completely incorrect, except u don’t receive about effectively along with her, when u like her because a friend plus receive about perfectly along with her then there is not a cause why u can’t have a genuine companionship.

Answer by Royal Flush
I think you’re right. We have a previous together plus you should not commence from scratch. It is usually going to be there plus you are able to not place it 100% behind we. You’ll frequently find oneself laughing or arguing because in the event you were nonetheless together. We cannot begin a companionship, I think you must reinvent the relationship by setting certain rules. Otherwise it’s chaos, harmful plus not a companionship.

Answer by Gamer~Chick
If we men were neighbors to start with then I see no issues at all BUT when not then I know where you may be from and having a modern substantial different might equally affect the companionship cause we both have history together thus how usually it be fair for the new bf/gf we both usually have.
It is sad which individuals will share months plus esp years with every different plus building memories, sharing superior plus bad moments just to locate later they is nothing nevertheless only faded memories.
But its element of lifetime plus development.
Create her know a point of views plus when she has feelings for we then it wouldn’t be fair for neither of we to remain neighbors cause she’ll just be damaging herself and you may just be feeling bad.

Answer by Jade
I’ve tried the let’s simply be neighbors thing, it didn’t function for me lol
I think it depends should you were truly inside love with eachother plus why the relationship ended. Additionally is she secretly hoping which possibly you’d receive back along with her? If a not interested inside doing this, then being about too much could provide her fake hope.
For me I ended the relationship as a result of factors he did that destroyed the trust, nevertheless I nonetheless missed him like crazy plus sought to forgive plus be neighbors yet knew I couldn’t be with him again. This merely caused issues, there was clearly constantly feelings there plus it’s effortless to cross the line thus I broke all contact with him, that in-itself became a piece of me moving about.
Simply occassionally txt her or anything plus when she does hope to receive back together really don’t provide her any fake hope in the event you have moved about.

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