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Question by bin laden: My exGF wants me to take her back..
If u were inside ma boots, might we?
We broke up bcos ….there were several days she disturbed me regarding having sex…and I refused, cos I wasn’t which prepared..Whenever I refused..she then mentioned ” Had it been it was my exBF today you might have had a truly sweet sex..Oh! I miss him” ..So I then mentioned O.K then because u miss him,,go discover him back..(That was how you broke up) If she disturbs u with texts plus letters.. come 2 ur home crying..would u accept her back?)

Best answers:

Answer by just the truth
no, stone her to death bin

Answer by freckles2
She mentioned a stupid thing plus today realises it became a mistake. Its about we in the event you take her back, however should you do she nevertheless can stress we into sex. The choice is yours.

Answer by chutneyasparagus
She looks especially insensitive to the feelings along with a bit nutty. Might be smart to steer obvious just in case we have a lunatic about the hands

Answer by Shameerah B
why we wash the wash inside the street? today which we did, let’s analize. she can have regrets of what she mentioned plus definitely she wasn;t expecting which response from we. i state, be slower inside throwing words that way. it’s as much as you…noone will choose for we. in the end, she is not a sack of potatoes. she has feelings too.

Answer by Adam R
Why do we sound like a teenage girl?

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