How could I receive my cat to like my boyfriend?


Question by sophie b: I got Archie from a rescue house plus he does appear to have a condition with guys. He has been truly settled at my house yet because my boyfriend moved inside he’ll no longer remain inside when I am at the job however, my boyfriend is inside. This signifies which he’ll be outside inside the wet plus cold for about 12 hours a day plus then he sulks plus might nonetheless reject to come inside whenever I do receive house. It’s fairly upsetting because I clearly love both of them. My boyfriend has tried to receive Archie to like him nevertheless he’s having none of it.

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Answer by new_york_hump
you might receive the boyfriend to wear catnip rather of Old Spice aftershave. And why does the boyfriend hang about inside doorways for hours on end he must receive a job.

Answer by Maz
Spray catnip about a boyfriend! – Really, when you’re eager do it, pets go mad for it.

Answer by last_1
Does a b.f like pets? Cats will tell whenever persons dont like them as well as may reply. I guess it might only be a matter of time. Animals truly dont like change. One of the number one items to do is allow him feed the cat. Next the cat could associate him with offering him food that is advantageous. Its simply a matter of time for Archie to change to a b.fs aroma , look etc.

Answer by Mark w
try rubbing cat nip about a boyfriend. The cat won’t leave him alone plus following a whilst he’ll associate a boyfriend with feeling good…..possibly.

Answer by spunk_jug
It may take time. The boyfriend shouldn’t try to rush it. If the cat ever loves him, allow him do it inside his own time. My oldest is today 4 years of age. When anyone came over, he’d run plus conceal. After a while, he’d begin coming out to sniff at the individual. Now, you can’t keep him off of the laps of visitors. The cat may have been abused by males inside the past. Simply provide it time. It would arise eventually. If it not arises, please don’t do away with him (the cat I mean) simply for which.

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