How will i create my boyfriend grow breasts?

Question by gizmo.k: Me plus my boyfriend have been together 6 months plus ive found my self growing more attracted to girl. however, i love my boyfriend. thus i was thinking he can grow a beautiful pair of moobs (guy boobs). any suggestions?

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Answer by Charlotte
Wow. I’m certain the boyfriend might love to develop breasts for we because you’ve been together for half a year….

Answer by Ally-Nikki

Answer by ♫i_never_loved_you♫
if a serious: fail.
when not: lmao

Answer by sammy J
LMAO HAHAHAHAHAHAHA which is merely plain creepy

Answer by Squishmitten
You can have certain sexuality issues. Getting a boyfriend to develop moobs is not the method to address it! Maybe you really need to talk to somebody that will allow you to choose what we actually want

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