My ex boyfriend broke up with me past could I nonetheless ask him to go out with me upcoming week ?


Question by Shardeney Hicks: My ex boyfriend broke up with me past however I had absolutely purchased NBA tickets for you months inside advanced for upcoming week , could I nevertheless ask him to come with me or no ? We broke up considering he mentioned which I’m too insecure plus crazy .

Best answers:

Answer by Greg
Don’t do that

Answer by Andrea
Don’t invite him. either find somebody else to go with, or market the tickets somehow. why if you place oneself because position of dealing with him whenever he produced his feelings very well-defined?

Answer by damnyankeega
No. Find another friend to go with or market them.

And then analyze a behavior to find should you truly are insecure plus crazy.

Answer by kat
If we thought somebody was insecure plus crazy, might you need to go to an event with them?

Answer by anni
As it really is close Christmas plus season of GoodWill
you really need to.

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