My girlfriend states men that play instruments are absolutely appealing, could I begin playing 1?

Question by : I actually, actually love my girlfriend plus like to keep her interested plus happy with me. I’m not strictly thinking regarding doing it only to please her, however, when she hadn’t mentioned which i wouldn’t be thinking regarding beginning today. I have certain interest inside taking up an instrument me however, I’ll be turning 19 very shortly plus I’m absolutely very busy with exams plus my element time job. By suggesting it is very she struggling to imply which I must commence?

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Answer by Leslie
hey play away try to play guitar guitarists are hottttt

Answer by Petr Chekhovskoy
yes you really need to! when a girl claims i like his hair which signifies she wants we too have hair that way or try!! yes try to play or understand or bang away lol!

Answer by LittleMo
it depends found on the conversation,but id state which she wasnt implying anything, she was really commenting about anything. however, when u did begin, she might clearly love it. don’t feel obliged to though. its sweet which u wish To do this inside element for her, yet when ur too busy ur too busy. nevertheless i simply gotsa sayyy…..regardless of what she intended w what she said…my 18 yr older bf plays guitar n ITS DAMN SEXEHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X))))))))))))))))))

Answer by Scout Board
playing an instrument severely isn’t which sexy though, clearly she loves u anyway considering she is the girlfriend…

Answer by Vivi…
Only begin when YOU desire too not considering you’re girlfriend thinks it’s hot. I mean, I learn the heart is within the proper destination however the truth remains which in the event you fail a exams due to spending time about the instrument which you’d have invested revising, you’ll kick oneself! Besides, she’s absolutely the girlfriend plus possibly didn’t imply it like that. We would feel which ladies inside significant heels are hot however which doesn’t indicate you’d like to see a girlfriend inside excellent heels 24/7 does it?

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