When the child does not like reading

When the child is very young, between 1 and 3 years, reading is a game of three players: father or mother, the child and the story. The adult is the voice of the stories, the bridge between the child and the book or magazine you both have opened together. The adult must be patient and…


School friends good and bad influences

Not all children have leadership qualities, although some like more handle the roost, others prefer not to take the initiative and join and share others’ proposals. Often, children are subjected to pressures by peers, trying to influence, more or less openly in their ways. This is something that our children have already deal since childhood.


Adjustment to school

Our ability to adapt to new situations can not be compared with the resources for a child to adapt. We have a wealth of experience that allows us to adapt to new situations in a more gentle and controlled manner. The ability of a child to integrate into a new environment depends on your way…

Medical School For Free

How To Go To Medical School For Free

Medical school is the most expensive type of school you could go to. Getting through it is the toughest thing you will ever hope to accomplish. The second hardest thing you will do is find a way to pay for it. If you could find a way to pay zero money for a medical school…


How complement college

A labor market as competitive as the current forces us to complement our college to stand out above the rest. What can we do to improve our curriculum? More knowledge to improve the curriculum The university is one step higher formal education that occurs in all civilized countries. Although today is very common these studies,…


Resolving Doubts Through a forum

In a forum you will find the answer to that question that got about in your head. In these virtual communities, will find the perfect place to learn about any subject. Resolving Doubts Internet Forums An Internet forum is a virtual community where anyone can join. They often have an underestimated potential, especially in terms…