How to use tenses in the thesis

Throughout the thesis the three tenses are used, but at different times. Use of tenses in the thesis In the thesis, the rules are very strict and must be followed to the letter. Among the thousands of details that can get are the different tenses needed to use, depending on the case. The issue is…


How to write a monograph

What is the content that should be a monograph to be attractive and serious. He and some general guidelines to follow when preparing a monograph that will make it more attractive and serious. Cover: should contain the title of the essay and the author of it. Do not forget to include the date or period…


How to Make a summary of a text

Summarizing is an art that should facilitate our learning, a method to maximize time and secure the contents of a text. Let’s look at this note a useful guide for developing the best summaries for your studies. What is the summary? The summaries and syntheses are a document that provides, in abbreviated version, the information…


How to Stimulate Thinking of a Child

We give some tasks to do with children in order to develop their ability to think and analyze. Tasks to develop children’s thinking Intellectual activities help to stimulate creativity, imagination and reasoning of children. It is not until the age of twelve when little has full ability to perform abstract operations, but until then we…

Kids Education Tips

How to Help Your Kid Succeed in Education

The key aspects of successful education are: effective education system, qualified educators, kid’s desire to gain knowledge, and parents’ support as well. Many parents think that school teachers bear responsibility for child’s success and failures, but actually, a parent is a kid’s first and most important educator. If both Mom and Dad (and grandparents in…


How to Have a Good Habit Study

In this note we will learn some great tips to help you form good study habits. How to Form a habit of proper study The study is a task to which we must devote time every day to make it lighter, other concepts are gradually set better studying.


How to Develop Lateral Thinking

Develop lateral thinking will allow you to see everything from a different perspective, out of the mental structures and find answers to difficult problems. What is Lateral Thinking? Not all months have the same number of days: How many months have 28 days?