What is the point of breakup when parties are not free of every alternative financially thereafter?

Question by Smiley: In the case of spousal repair why bother getting divorced at all? If the law keeps 2 folks or 1 individual linked plus reliant what benefit is there to divorce?

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Answer by Linda R
Other than the truth they will see different people…..NONE.

Answer by Shirley Y
U can c different people

Answer by pat z
Spousal upkeep is not granted because much because we think. (Child help is a entire different thing!)
When anybody manages to receive alimony I figure there’s been a very advantageous cause for it (like she held down the house front plus all which entails whilst he went out plus produced a job for himself, or she worked crap jobs thus he might receive which graduate degree or he decided he didn’t like the technique her body looked following she had had a some of their kids plus went following a “younger, fitter” model).
I understand nobody whom has been by breakup plus received alimony, or spousal help. Nobody.
The “point” of breakup is to legally separate we (plus a property) from somebody we no longer want to be bound to by law.
As lengthy because we stay wedded, a partner, albeit it inside name just, nonetheless has considerable force over what you are able to plus cannot do. If the love is gone, that requirements this?

Answer by Maxi
They don’t need an psychological connection plus could see additional people……..when folks marry they don’t look to what can result could they receive divorced, thus when 1 party provides up their job to mention youngsters they no longer have their job, independent financial protection plus have potentially lost various abilities they require time to retrain into receive back to function again……and having kids plus lookin following them is a useful, when not more thus because continuing their career…….

It is furthermore value noting the individual whom gets spousal upkeep is not free to remarry thus remains limited irrespective of what they place into the wedding, their couples company an/or job to allow those to better their income/business as well as lose their pension rights that is significant particularly inside extended marriages which end inside divorce…whereas because shortly because the breakup is final the paying ex partner may remarry plus continue their existence.

…………sorry this really is a raw topic I owned my own apartment plus company before I married, available plus purchased the initially house, invested everything including ‘our’ pension inside his function pension, agreed to provide up my profession to have plus mention youngsters, then my spouse sought me to remain house, thus I did ( doing certain function, however, not my job, inside hours which suited his work) 23 years married, he left plus basically emptied ever account, available the shares, remortgaged the apartment ( 2 years off completing paying) took my vehicle plus left me with bailiffs knocking…….I was granted 3 years spousal upkeep to allow me to return to learn………….I lost everything except which, including 50% pension ( that I boosted) I think I am entitled to something…he remarried a week following you divorced, when I remarry or have a partner live inside widespread law, I lose the tiny % of pension which I have for the future today, based about fixed % inside 1999………there are constantly 2 sides!

Answer by The Fat Man
You don’t need to awaken to somebody which hates we each morning.

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