Why am I getting afraid plus jealous cause my girlfriend is texting exboyfriends?


Question by Smokin: I’ve acknowledged her for over 6 months today plus I been speaking to her well for over 2 months.. I have been dating her because 5/4/13, however, I have been neighbors along with her this entire time.. thus I love her, I checked my facebook plus she uploaded a post suggesting “Text me :D ” as well as its her exboyfriend.. he gave her a tbt a some days ago, plus she nonetheless texts her exboyfriend whom she dated for a year.. I heard she had sex with all the boyfriend she dated for a year everyday following they broke up for like 2 weeks.. idk when its true, however why am I getting jealous. is this bad? I learn she could have neighbors of either gender, however, im frightened she will cheat about me plus I don’t wish To jump to conclusion, cause I love her plus I don’t wish To lose her…

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Answer by Dheeraj
U love her dats y u feel jealous i think u could keep an eye about her when u found she is cheatin about u instantly stop d relationship….der r several women waiting for ur love….lol

Answer by Mike
Love is all regarding trusting every alternative, without it the relationship might fall aside.

Jealousy is a extremely general thing, a great deal of folks have it, certain have it stronger than others as well as might feel thus for completely different factors.

If we truly love her you’re going to need to trust her. She plus her ex may effectively be neighbors nevertheless. If it does come out to be otherwise, I’m sorry nevertheless you’d be greater off acquiring somebody else.

Jealousy is a difficult thing to deal with, advantageous chance with it!

Answer by ThePinkEgg
you must speak to her regarding which.
possibly inside a dinner, possibly we take her to a park, someplace romantic. Guidebook her to the story.
we love her thus jealousy is only general.

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